Entry #1

Okay... THAT'S IT. I QUIT.

2009-05-10 12:57:56 by SteveO526

I have put up with people on Newgrounds LONG ENOUGH.

Every single time I submit music, SOMEBODY just HAS to complain about it.
"It sounds exactly the same!"
"It's a MIDI rip!"
"It sucks!"

See, it's not the criticism I have a problem with. I don't mind if you give me a 10 or a 0, as long as you leave constructive criticism. Even if you don't, it doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that people constantly complain about how I supposedly break the rules, or accuse me of MIDI ripping when they have no proof.

Well, you know what? This is the last straw. I quit submitting music to this site, and won't be submitting anything else to this site ever again. Since you ungrateful bastards complain about my music so much, you can just do without.

Consider this account terminated.


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2009-05-10 12:59:44

Maybe your music isnt as good asyou think it is,learn to take the good with the bad my friend.

SteveO526 responds:

It's not the criticism I have a problem with. I can handle that. I'm just tired of people constantly accusing me of MIDI ripping or complaining about the rules.


2009-05-10 13:33:18

DAMN BASTARDs. will be miss you

SteveO526 responds:

I'll miss me too. :D


2009-05-10 13:58:29

Heres an idea. Maybe everyones complaining about you ripping the midi, because you are ripping the midi. How about you stop doing that, and people wont complain about that anymore?

SteveO526 responds:

That's good advice, except...



2009-05-19 12:57:55

Now I am really sad...